Bango Kitchen



The Shellfish Pig and Bango Kitchen are now two strands of the same business. Our new base at Merchants Wharf, Commercial Road, Penryn will be called Bango Kitchen and it will be open daily for great food, drinks and a lovely atmosphere. The same building will also become the home of The Shellfish Pig and it will be a place where we can prepare all our food and grow into an even better outside catering and street food business.

Nick and Howard are now equal partners and are so excited to have the opportunity to serve great food and drinks every day from Bango Kitchen, whilst taking The Shellfish Pig to exciting new places and developing our menus! We can’t wait to welcome you inside!

Our ultimate aim with Bango Kitchen is that we have a lot going on in the evenings and at weekends as well. We would love the space to become a venue for private parties, wedding receptions and other events. We will be putting on feast nights, banquet evenings and have all sorts of lovely plans to put in place over the next year or two. 

We will update this page as our project progresses and we will also be updating on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages of Bango Kitchen and The Shellfish Pig, so be sure to connect if you’d like to stay informed!