Embarrassed, disapointed, ashamed, were none of the emotions we felt when we realised that we hadn’t managed to produce a blog post for over 6 months! 2017 has been quite the year for us and we are proud to say we have just been to busy to blog!

2017 has seen us win Best Streetfood at the Food Magazine Awards. We have served our food at no less than 11 weddings, 9 private parties and over 15 festivals and events. We have been sent lots of Giant Pass The Pigs games as freebies by The Official Pass The Pigs Company, as they loved our idea of “Pass The Shellfish Pigs”, which we encourage our customers to play by the van at festivals. We have been approached by River Cottage (stay tuned on that one!), The Oxford University Keble Ball, HMS Drake among other esteemed venues who are all keen to have The Shellfish Pig along to their events next year! Did I mention we got married and had a lovely honeymoon this year aswell!?

Yet again we have been blown away by Cornish landscapes and buildings where we have been luck enough to pitch up and serve at. Mostly we have been humbled by the wonderful people who have booked us and eaten from us across the year - it’s been a busy old blast! 2017 has been simply fantastic and has energised us to look forward to 2018 and to become better bloggers (this bit may or ,may not be true, time will tell). As Winter draws in I am sure we will find time to write a bit about some of the specific events and parties we have been a part of this year, We might even bore you with some food tales from our honeyoon around Spain and Portugal!

We can’t quite believe it but we are already running out of free weekends next year. We have numerous weddings and private events alongside a few great Cornish Festivals booked in to our diary and confirmed already! Obviously there are still dates available though so do get in touch if you’d like The Shellfish Pig at your event in 2018 or beyond.

Until next time, whenever that may be!