Our menu changes regularly according to what’s in season, where we are and what’s really tasty. Just click the tabs below for a sample of some of our dishes to whet your appetite… Om Nom Nom!

Our breakfasts and brunches are always locally sourced, freshly prepared and delicious.

We offer a fixed menu and usually have a special or two in addition. If you fancy something in particular then just let us know, we will do our best!

We can provide breakfasts and brunches for events, parties, business meetings and weddings, nothing better than waking up to a Shellfish Pig after a good old knees up!

Our Standard Breakfast Menu:

The Shellfish Pig - £4.50

Smoked Primrose Herd bacon and their Award Winning Pork Sausage, served with a Local Free Range Egg in a Baker Tom Brioche Roll.

Bacon Roll - £3

Smoked Primrose Herd Bacon in a Baker Tom Brioche Roll.

Sausage Roll - £3

Award Winning Primrose Herd pork sausage in a Baker Tom Brioche Roll.

The Monte Cristo - £4.50

Baker Tom Brioche Dipped in a Spiced Egg Mix and Fried, then filled with Local Cheese and Smoked Bacon.

Eggs & Advocado

Cornish Poached or Scrambled Eggs, Crushed Advocado, Seared Asparagus, Buttered Mushrooms & Slow Roasted Tomatoes. A Delicious Healthy Veggie breakfast or Brunch. Add Bacon or Sausage for the meat eaters.

Local Free Range Eggs (Poached, Fried, Scrambled) - £1 Each

Olfactory Coffee - £2

Roasted and Ground right here in Penryn by the wonderful Olfactory, we believe we sell some of the finest filter coffee around!

“Smugglers Brew” Tea - £1.50

Helford Creek Apple Juice - £2

For brunches we have provided locally smoked salmon with capers & cream cheese on fresh bagels, tasty spinach & chorizo frittatas, Bloody Mary’s, Kedgeree, freshly squeezed juices, healthy milk based blended smoothies and much more! If you’d like to book us to serve breakfasts or brunches at your event or party then just drop us a line and we can come up with a great menu to tickle your taste buds!

A selection of some of our favourite and most popular delicious seafood dishes. All our seafood is Cornish and sustainably sourced. We follow the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and stay abreast of the latest science to ensure this!

Killer Crab Sandwich: Fresh White Cornish Crab Meat Bound in our Homemade Citrus & Lavender Mayonaise, Served in a Baker Tom Roll With a Tasty Side or two.

Line Caught Cornish Smoked Haddock Chowder. Made With Plenty of Leeks & Herbs From Our Allotment and Served With Fresh Baker Tom Bread. Creamy and Umptious!

Spicy Crab Taco’s: Fresh White Cornish Crab with Mixed Peppers, Roasted Jalapenos, Mint & Lime. Served on Soft Corn Tortillas with sides of our Cornish Heritage Tomato & Radish Salsa and Lime Guacamole, topped with Fresh Lime, Soured cream and Citrus Pickled Red Onions

Cioppino: Portugese fish/shellfish stew made using fresh plum tomatoes, lots of fresh fennel and saffron.

Scallops: Fresh and Cornish and served in numerous ways from seared with lime to marinated Moroccan.

Scallipops: Fresh Cornish Scallops and Cured Primrose Herd Chorizo Sausage in our lime, honey & fennel glaze. Seared and served on a wooden skewer!

Shellfish platters: Oysters, Mussels, Lobster, Spider and Brown Crabs, Scallops, Cockles and even limpets - anything is possible so let us know if you want a true shellfish feast!

Hake & Seaweed Chowder: Fresh Cornish Hake with lots of Cornish Sea Spaghetti and Mixed Greens with fresh fennel make up our delicious chowder. Served with fresh Baker Tom Bread, of course!

Cornish Crab Bruschetta: Fresh Cornish White Crab Meat with lemon juice and a little parsley. Served on garlic brushed Baker Tom Ciabatta.

Lobster Mac n Cheese: Need we say more?

Fresh Cornish Scallops, Primrose Herd Pancetta and Hogs Pudding.

Mussels: Fresh Cornish Mussels: With Spicy Thai, Bloody Mary or Chorizo and Red Wine sauces. Plenty of Baker Tom’s Bread Required!

Line Caught Cornish Mackerel Fillet Seared in Cornish Seaweed Butter & Lime. Served in a Baker Tom Roll with Horseradish Cream, Balsamic Beetroot and Lizard Leaves. We like it served with Spicy Smoked Bacon Potato Salad and some Balsamic Dressed Leaves.

Pan Seared Lime & Ginger Scallops with Collared Greens and Crispy Roasted Garlic Potatoes

Thai Red or Green Curry Made From Scratch with Fresh Crevettes or Fresh Cornish Fish. We make our Thai Curries using Kafir, Fenugreek, Root Ginger, Coriander, Lime, Garlic and Lemongrass. Served with Fluffy Coconut Rice and Thai Crackers.

Scallipops: Fresh Cornish Scallops (Hand Dived Are Available, Please Mention when Enquiring) and Primrose Herd Chorizo Sausage in our Honey, Lime & Fennel Glaze. Seared and Served on Wooden Skewers (you say how many scallops you’d like per skewer!). Can be served handheld on their own as a fun and delicious starter or with sides as a main!







All of our pork comes from the incredible Primrose Herd. Cornish and outdoor reared by a lovely family that genuinely love their pigs, we’ve never tasted better pork than the pork we get from Primrose Herd!

12 Hour Cold Smoked, 8 Hour Slow Cooked Pulled Primrose Herd Pork in our Cornish Rattler, Maple & Fennel Glaze. Served in a Baker Tom Brioche Roll with Local Cheese, Sweet Pickle and a Garlic-Pepper Crackling Stick. Best Served with Sides of our Roasted Garlic & Apple Slaw and Balsamic Glazed Leaves.

Slow Cooked Spicy Primrose Herd Pork Cheek, Chorizo and Butterbean Chilli, Piled High with Pilau Rice, Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream.

Jerk Smoked Primrose Herd Pork Tenderloin. Cold Smoked Medallions of Delicious Pork Tenderloin are Marinated in our Revolver Rum (Check these guys out their Rum is Cornish & very good!) and then Flash Fried on the Griddle. Served with more Jerk Sauce, Rum Caramelised Pinaepple and Local Rocket in a Soft Baker Tom Roll. Served with a Tortilla Basket Filled with Sweet Potato & Pineapple Salsa and Balsamic Glazed Leaves.

Slow Braised Pork Cheek Flatbreads: Primrose Herd Pork Cheeks; Slow Braised in Blood Orange, Apples, Honey & Fresh Chilli until tender, rich and delicious. Served on Fresh Flatbread and Topped with Our Spicy Lime Guacamole, Home Citrus Pickled Red Onions and our Cornish Apple Juice and Lime Jellies.

Korean Chilli Pork: Primrose Herd Smoked Pork fillet, thinly sliced and marinated in our Gochujang based Korean Sauce. Flash Fried and Served in Crisp Iceberg Lettuce Cups with our Homemade Kimchi,  Sweet & Sour Pickles and Sesame Rice. 

Marinated Seared Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Lentil Dahl and Homemade Roti Breads.

Slow Cooked Primrose Herd Pork Shoulder Casserole with Seasonal Root Vegetables, Homemade Herby Dumplings and Crusty Baker Tom Bread.

Slow Roasted Sticky Primrose Herd Pork Ribs. Cooked so the delicious meat falls off the bone! Marinated and Basted in our Secret Sticky Sauce and Served alone or With Sides (We can Finish these off over an open fire if you have one at your event!).

Nachos: Tortilla Chips Topped with our delicious Slow Cooked Chilli or Smoked Pulled Pork then Finished with the homemade, delicious essentials: Soured Cream, Spicy Tomato Salsa, Pickled Jalapeno and homemade Guacamole.

Cornish Charcuterie Boards: We use the finest Cornish cured meats (Duchy Charcuterie), Olives from the Cornish Olive company, Cornichons, Cornish Feta/other cheese to create beautiful sharing platters with our own homemade relishes and homegrown accompaniments.


Whilst we do specialise and love seafood and pork, we have a real passion for vegetarian food and our sides! Nick spent a year living in Vancouver working as a Chef in a Vegan/Raw Food Restaurant so we want our vegetarian and vegan offerings to be as fresh and delicious as everything else we do!

Tarragon Buttered Portobello Mushrooms and Seared Halloumi Cheese. Served in a Baker Tom Brioche Roll. Great with sides of Roasted Garlic & Apple Slaw and Balsamic Glazed Leaves.

Smoked Tofu Tacos: Smoked by our friends at The Smoked Vegan and served warm in soft Corn Tortillas with a Crisp slaw, Chipotle Mayo, Guacamole and Heritage Tomato & Radish Salsa.


Some of Our Sides:

Roasted Garlic & Apple Slaw

Balsamic Glazed Cornish Leaves

Crispy Roasted Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes

Smoked Bacon & Pepper Potato Salad

Fennel & Beetroot Salad

Collared Greens

Real Deal Greek Salad

Primrose Herd Sausage Wrapped in Candied Bacon

Jewelled Tabbouleh Rice

Twice Cooked Sweet Potato Wedges, Topped with Soured Cream, Chives & Smoked Bacon Bits



For those looking for something unique, delicious and fun, look no further than our Pintxo Parties. You can find out more about Pintxo and our Pintxo Parties by clicking here. We have hundreds of tasty small dishes up our sleeves and we present them all beautifully complete with the Pintxo (a fancy cocktail stick, but that doesn’t sound as good so we’ll stick with Pintxo!) on the front of our van.

Help yourself to what you want and pay by the number of Pintxo on your plate. We can work this to suit your requirements - canapés, main meal, late night snacks etc. Drop us a line to find out more!

A  sample of our ever growing list of Pintxo Dishes:

Scallop & Chorizo Bites

Beer Battered John Dory Lollipops

Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders

Cornish Chorizo Bruschetta

Cornish Crab Bruschetta

Fresh White Cornish Crab Meat Sliders

Marinated Olives & Cornish Feta

Crispy Aubergine & Cornish Honey

Primrose Herd Chorizo Poached in Cornish Orchards Cider

Balsamic Roasted Allotment Beetroot & Cornish Goats Cheese

Primrose Herd Sausage Wrapped in Candied Smoked Bacon

Scallop Ceviche

Asparagus, Parmesan, Lemon

Griddled Harrissa Courgette or Aubergine

Smoked Cornish Mackerel Pate


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