The Shellfish Pig is owned and managed by Nick Archer and Nikki Brown and we are proudly based in Penryn, Cornwall, surrounded by stunning coastline, beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, fantastic produce and amazing suppliers!

Nick is a trained chef with a degree in Marine Science and a real passion for great, unpretentious food, travel and the ocean. After developing a real taste for streetfood during a stint living and travelling around the USA and Canada in 2007 the seed of this business began to form (he was probably more of a “Greedy Pig” at this time!). After focusing his dissertation on sustainability within the seafood supply chain during his degree in Falmouth his eyes were opened to the amazing shellfish and seafood available on his doorstep.

Nikki shares these passions and along with her impressive hospitality background she has a real talent for design and sustainability. After extensive travelling around South America, India and SE Asia she has a great wealth of streetfood experience and brings real energy and dynamism to the business.

“We wanted a streetfood van, we wanted to be known for providing great locally sourced food and we wanted our van and branding to stand out and signal the quality and nature of our menu and business overall. We also happen to LOVE pork and shellfish…  So what else were we supposed to call it!?”

Since establishing The Shellfish Pig in May 2014 Nick and Nikki have continued to travel, EAT (lots of eating) and work on ways of using our experiences to add even more taste to our menus, flair to our food and uniqueness to our van and to the events we attend.

After a recent trip to Barcelona we discovered Pintxo (and Cava, it goes so well together!). Our Pintxo Parties were born!

Our Ethos

We don’t want to be one of those companies that harp on about their eco credentials and sustainability too much (unless you ask in which case you might wish you hadn’t!) but we do believe firmly that if we look after the ocean and take from it in a carefully managed manner then we can all eat glorious seafood for the long term, if not, we run the risk of destroying what is, in our opinion, the most diverse and amazing thing on earth.

Plastics: Something we have always felt very strongly about. We refused to ever have straws or anything plastic related in our van with one exception: Bottled Water. We have hated selling bottled water but at festivals and large events it was neccessary for people to be able to drink water with their food, so we sold it. We recently started a good debate on BBC 6 Music when we asked Cerys Matthews what we could do about our bottled water problem. We want to sell water like every other trader does but we don’t want to sell plastic bottles. After much Twitter and on air discussion we were told about this product.

Good idea huh? We are going to be watching with interest as it develops but in the meantime we have removed bottled water and will instead be a refill station at our public events, as much as our van space and water supply permits anyway! Unfortunately you can buy 24 bottles of water from a well known cash and carry for £2.39. At some festivals we have seen traders selling these bottles on for £3 each! It’s awful and it needs to stop.

We are original members of The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and we look to follow their guidelines when sourcing our seafood. However we also read the science and speak to our fishermen and fishmongers so that we are best informed to know what we should and shouldn’t be eating throughout the year. The majority of our seafood comes from the brilliant Seabourne Fish in our home town of Penryn

We don’t want to eat mass farmed pork, so we wouldn’t want our customers to either. ALL of our delicious pork comes from the fantastic Primrose Herd and Duchy Charcuterie. It’s all outdoor reared by wonderful passionate people who love what they do and stand behind their pigs welfare and the cuts they provide us with, you can’t get tastier or more ethically sourced pork in Cornwall in our opinion.

We wanted to use great packaging and cutlery but we didn’t want to be adding to landfill everyday so we chose Vegware and Bio Pac Ltd for all our needs. It’s not the cheapest choice but it does mean that when you’ve finished your food you can be sure your cutlery, napkins and box/tray was made from clever recycled or natural materials and will naturally biodegrade.

We compost our used Olfactory coffee grounds along with as much food waste as possible to provide feed for our allotment. The circle of life! We try to plant our allotment with our business in mind each year but we also plant with bees in mind too!

We use only LPG or mains power to our van and it’s equipment. We started with a generator but have now removed that completely and we can now operate almost entirely on LPG. We are making plans to fit solar panels which will mean we can be totally powered by LPG and sunlight only!

We’d love to work towards making our van and it’s equipment more greener and we have some ideas, if you can help then feel free to get in touch!

Our (amazing) suppliers

We aim to serve the freshest, tastiest, pork, shellfish and local produce. To do this we have taken the time to sample lots of food from amazing Cornish growers, producers and suppliers (tough job but we were up for the challenge). We now have reliable, fantastic Cornish businesses large and small helping us to fill our menus with the tastiest dishes around! Here’s a nod to some of our favourites:


The Shellfish Pig logoNot to blow our own trumpet but our fingers are green (not black and white as you might expect!) we have our own allotments within a beautiful Orchard, kindly loaned to us by some of our very special family. We love growing our own vegetables and learning how to maximise space to provide as much as possible to support our business – organic, home grown – delicious! We also have a lovely home herb garden which provides much of our tasty herbs!


Primrose Herd logoThe providers of all thing Pig. We only use Primrose for all of our pork, it’s always free range and Cornish. If you ever take a drive to their farm you will see a whole bunch of happy pigs! They also cold smoke our pork shoulders for 12 hours which adds an extra tasty dimension to our pulled pork! Om Nom Nom!


Seabourne FishWe source our seafood from a few different places, carefully ensuring it’s fresh, Cornish and sustainable. We love Seabourne particularly as they are based on our doorstep on Commercial Road, Penryn.


baker-tom-logo-HOLDBig up to Baker Tom. Our delicious brioche rolls and chocolate brownies along with all our other breads and most treats come from their bakery, and they never seem to mind delivering to our van in random locations around Cornwall, at even more random times of the day!


Olfactory logoWhat can we say, we tried to fit an espresso machine in the van but there just wasn’t the space with all the pork and shellfish. We took some sound advice from the lovely chaps at Espressini and bought a great Technivorm filter machine, and then we found Olfactory! Amazing coffee, roasted and ground less than half a mile from our home – come and try a cup, you won’t look back! Lovely guys too!


baileys-logoWe love our local country store and try our best to buy our veg and salad and numerous other bits and pieces from them whenever we can. They use local growers and come highly recommended! You can sometimes find us parked outside serving food too! Oh, and they supply us with our delicious Helford Creek Apple Juice which goes very nicely with our Pulled Pork!


Vegware-logoSupply us with all our amazing packaging and cutlery – what a company! Take a look at their infographic below to find out just how clever they are:


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If the thought of one of these BAOtiful things is on your mind then a quick reminder that we will be open @bango_kitchen Thursday, Friday and Saturday,11-3 next week! Taking orders each morning between 8am -11am via phone only, pre paid & collection/takeaway.

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